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At last an ice removal machine that works effectively in cold stores.

Keeping cold store door thresholds free of ice is a top priority, but finding a machine that works consistently well can be a tricky business.  Most machines available are just not designed for the demanding cold store environment.  That’s why we have remanufactured a machine with a supported rental package that offers a solution that really works…… and keeps working………. and keeps working

Now Available on a fully supported contract rental basis which includes all maintenance - ideal for larger stores needing 24/7 use or on a weekly hire basis as and when required in smaller stores.

Remanufactured by ATP specifically for use in cold stores

Fixed “star wheel” teeth that eat through the ice and don’t get knocked out

Weighted for greater ice penetration

Easily deals with ice build up around cold store doors no matter how bad

Leaves a fine dust ready to sweep away  leaving the floor clean, ice free & safe

Copes with ridges and uneven ice quickly

Won’t damage concrete floor

Easy to operate

Tried and tested for over 13 years


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