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Why rent?
Renting offers a number of advantages over purchase that may be preferable.

Rental payments are an overhead spend and allow equipment to be obtained without valuable capital outlay (off balance sheet)

The monthly payments are fixed. They include engineering support, scheduled maintenance and the supply of consumable items required.

Cash flow is maintained and budgets can be managed without unexpected call out and engineering costs

The costs of installation, commissioning, decommissioning and demounting are all included within the contract

Ongoing support, possible upgrading and modification are available

We become involved with maintaining a working solution working throughout the term of the contract, we are on hand to react to any changes you may need in response to changes in your own business.

The equipment does need support, like any machine if it’s not looked after its service will suffer. With our rental contracts we are effectively renting a solution at a fixed cost. We are committed to ensuring the solution continues to deliver results, there are no gains for us in the event of break down or disruption. If the system goes down were are working for free unless its been damaged

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