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A conventional dehumidifier, like a cold store, simply freezes air and the moisture is forced to condense. A cold store does this incidentally rather than intentionally but freezing air is not the only way of reducing its moisture content.

ATP are a specialist company with many years experience in the cold storage industry. The key issue is managing the interface where the two “conditions” meet. Ideally the water in the air needs to be reduced as much as possible before it gets into the store.

We can help in this respect. Using modern desiccant technology, extremely dry air can be provided that is virtually “scrubbed” of moisture. The air is at normal temperature but as dry as a desert. Using innovative configurations and installation design we can interrupt the flow of wet air into the store and replace it with bone dry air containing far lower levels of water. We can reduce the dew point temperature in loading bay areas so that condensation is prevented maintaining a dry environment. The benefits are incalculable and cost effective, every drop of water removed by our system reduces the load on the plant, reduces ice in doors, reduces the amount of water that condenses on floors, reduces fog and snow.

The next step

Our systems are tailored to suit the application and requirements of the client. There are no “one size fits all” answers. To provide capacity calculations and load estimates we will need to carry out a site survey, produce a psychometric report and system design. Please contact us and this can be arranged, an initial site evaluation and feasibility survey is available without charge, more detailed reports and psychrometric calculations follow, all of which are refundable against any order placed by the client.

Although ATP has designed and commissioned the manufacture of specialist dehumidification equipment we are free to develop your solution using equipment specified from the worlds leading manufacturers rather than being limited to any specific product. This flexibility and impartiality, the years of experience and the ability to produce an optimum installation design that works with the physical properties of air rather than against it sets us apart from our competitors.


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