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Why Dehumidify?
A cold store is an artificial climate created by the reduction of ambient air temperatures to those found only in artic conditions and one of the other most vivid images associated with artic conditions are snow & ice.

The air we breathe is not just “air” it’s a mix of air and water vapour. The amount of water vapour varies from day to day and is expressed as relative humidity. Its relative to the amount of water the air could contain at its temperature, thus air at 50% RH contains half of the water it could contain before becoming a 100% RH (saturated).

Ambient air has a “dew point” and this is the temperature at which it would not be able to hold any more water. Once cooled to this point the air is saturated and if cooled further it will release the water vapour it contains, this process is condensation and it’s why a beer glass is always wet for example.

Another term for it is dehumidification and that’s exactly what a cold store is, a huge dehumidifier. So what are we talking about then if you already own some of the largest dehumidifiers in the UK?

Well, to be fair you really don’t want to dehumidify, you just want cold air and the water is a real nuisance. It’s an expensive use of energy just turning water vapour into ice then back into water just to run down the drain.

Its not just the energy involved. Where the two conditions meet in doorways, loading bays, battery rooms, in fact any area close enough to be artificially cooled by proximity to the cold store problems can occur:

Slippery wet surfaces
Wet electrical panels and door controls

These have a major impact on safety, efficiency, damage and increased risks on a daily basis in addition to being an expensive process in terms of energy consumption that is utterly wasted and does not reduce the temperature of the air in any way. Its just a by product and the terms are specifically:

Sensible cooling (the cooling of air without removing moisture or a “change of state”)

Latent cooling (the energy used to bring about a change of state ie. water to steam or vice versa)

Every cold store, every domestic freezer and fridge has this problem. It’s a natural process. 75% of the worlds surface is water, 75% of every human being is water. With milder winters and hotter summers the levels of ambient humidity are soaring. Couple that to concerns over industrial energy consumption, climate concerns, the “green debate”, ever increasing energy costs, carbon taxing and the climate change levy and this industry needs some answers.

A conventional dehumidifier, like a cold store, simply freezes air and the moisture is forced to condense. A cold store does this incidentally rather than intentionally but freezing air is not the only way of reducing its moisture content. Read More...

Watch the dehumidification Video
Click the image belwo to watch the Dehumidification Video & see how we do it. Watch it here

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