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If you are operating a cold store, it’s highly likely you’re finding today’s environment almost as gruesome as our “face in the ice”!

We hope our advert doesn’t alarm you in anyway, but a cold store is a scary place. The energy bills are X rated! There can be more fog around doorways than James Herbert could imagine and the ice would suit a Yeti!

In the past many of these problems were considered an occupational hazard, however times have changed and more and more pressure is being placed on us to reduce carbon emissions, increase efficiency and adopt higher and higher standards of health and safety.

The entrance to your store is the focus of these issues, fog, ice and condensation all represent a “latent load” you are paying to produce. The ice on the floor is a further hazard causing accidents, damaging doors, slowing down the movement of MHE and causing further cost.

It does not have to be that way. ATP can offer real practical measures that can have a significant impact on the issues outlined above.

We have been working within the industry and with these issues for almost 20 years and have an intimate understanding of how the industry works, how the stores are operated, the dynamics of air within the doorway and ancillary areas in addition to the “science”, the psychrometric calculations where theory and practice meet.

In fact that sums us up:
We can join the science, the theory and application together and deliver a solution that’s effective, a solution that works for you and around how you work.

We hope you find our website helpful please don’t hesitate to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like more information.


Watch the dehumidification Video
Click the image belwo to watch the Dehumidification Video & see how we do it. Watch it here

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